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Karawari Lodge

There are many different and exotic cultures and villages within Papua New Guinea and it is a land of traditional people living a subsistence lifestyle. People live in small villages and are dependent on subsistence farming. Visit with the Melpa people at Rondon Ridge, and the Huli people at Ambua, see scarification and headhunters in the Sepik area.




Day 1 Wed 
Arrive in Port Moresby. Fly with Air Niugini to Mt Hagen. Overnight Rondon Ridge
Day 2 Thu 
Full Day Tour. Overnight Rondon Ridge. The ideal place to stay to experience the Melpa culture is the peaceful and very comfortable Rondon Ridge, which provides guests with breathtaking views over the Wahgi Valley
Day 3 Fri 
Charter flight to Karawari. Afternoon Tour. Overnight Karawari Lodge. All kinds of comfort amidst a thousand miles of jungle." - Robin Kinhead, Chicago Tribune. Comprehensive lists of bird and orchid life of the Karawari area are available online.  
Day 4 Sat 
Full Day Tour. Overnight in a Village House 
Day 5 Sun 
Full Day Tour. Overnight Karawari Lodge. Headhunting and scarification are prevalent along the Sepik.
Day 6 Mon 
Charter flight to Tari. Afternoon Tour. Overnight  Ambua Lodge Tari is home to one of the most immediately recognizable cultures in Papua New Guinea - the "Huli Wigmen". A proud, flamboyant tribe known for their ornate ceremonial "wigs" with dances and songs fashioned on that of the mating rituals of the Birds of Paradise - an encounter with the Huli's is bound to be memorable. Life for the majority of villagers around Tari remained mostly unchanged until the turn of this century
Day 7 Tue 
Full Day Tour. Overnight Ambua Lodge  The perfect place to stay to experience the unique Huli culture in the Hela Province of Papua New Guinea is Ambua Lodge.
Day 8 Wed
Fly with Air Niugini to Port Moresby. Overnight STanley Hotel 
Day 9 Thu
Transfer to international flight out 

Land Cost: Land Cost: US$4499.00 per person (twin share). US$5417.00 single throughout

Charter Flights: US$1046.00 per person. 
Fri Day 4 Mount Hagen/Karawari 
Mon Day 7 Karawari/Tari  

Land Cost Includes: Accommodation, meals, transfers, tours and local guides

Rates are valid from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020

Important Note: 
You are only to book and ticket the domestic Air Niugini flights together with your international flights. We will book the Air Charter flights. 

Air Niugini (PX) Domestic Flights: 
Wed Day 1 PX186 Port Moresby/Mount Hagen 
Wed Day 8 PX865 Tari/Port Moresby 


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