NEW GUINEA ENCOUNTER 9 days / 8 nights

Imagine a country where travelers are beckoned to take pictures of the local inhabitants, where beaming smiles and waves greet the visitor, where there are numerous occasions to authentically interact with the local people and culture. Visit a wig making school, see how village life tradition is based, where time has stood still, a culture that has fascinated Margaret Mead and other anthropologists.

With tourism serving only a few thousand visitors a year, Papua New Guinea provides a genuine, unspoiled access to a culture both primitive and sophisticated. The New Guinea Encounter allows the traveller with limited time the opportunity to visit remote villages and gain an insight into life as it has been for thousands of years. It gives the opportunity to encounter ancient cultures of the Karawari and Melpa Peoples. An extremely rich diversity of plants and bird life in both areas is sure to give the nature enthusiast a taste of this amazing and exotic country. This tour does not have a cruise on the Sepik.

Karawari LodgePapua New Guinea Travel Encounter 8 days/7 nights

One of our shortest PNG trips, the New Guinea Encounter gives you the opportuity to experience several tribes in just ver a week.

Day 1 Arrive in Port Moresby you will be met and transferred to PX180 to Mount Hagen. After lunch, a half day tour awaits the tired but eager traveller. Overnight RONDON RIDGE. 7100 feet above sea level, on the outer fringes of the Kubor Range, lies Rondon Ridge. Boasting panoramic views of the Wahgi Valley below, Rondon Ridge is the pinnacle of luxury in a remote and rural setting.  It is a spectacular introduction to our lodges on arrival and a welcome stepping stone to civilization before departure from Mount Hagen. (-LD)

Day 2 Fri Fly by charter from Mount Hagen to Karawari, the mountains start to give way until eventually vast tracts of dense tropical lowland rainforest cover the landscape for as far as the eye can see. From Karawari airstrip, you will be transferred by river boat and four wheel drive to Karawari Lodge. Sitting on a ridge above the Karawari River, Karawari Lodge boasts a spectacular view over hundreds of kilometres of dense tropical jungle. Inspired by local architecture and built with traditional materials, while still providing modern comforts. Overnight KARAWARI LODGE (BLD)

Day 3 Sat and Day 4 Sun Wake up to the chattering of Lorikeets and Eclectus Parrots. After breakfast enjoy touring programs that provide insight into the amazing ecology and culture of the Karawari area. Overnights KARAWARI LODGE (BLD)

Day 5 Mon Fly by charter from Karawari to Mount Hagen. Mount Hagen Town is in the upper Wahgi Valley - a valley with some of the oldest evidence of agriculture in the world. Perched high on Mount Kuta is Rondon Ridge, with unbelieveable views of the Wahgi Valley. Overnight RONDON RIDGE (BLD)

Day 6 Tue and
Day 7 Wed Two full days are spent exploring the Hagen Area and Wahgi Valley. The Mount Hagen area is the home of the Melpa people, a people with a strong culture, who in the face of moderninity, still live largely traditional subsistence lifestyles. In the mountains surrounding the Wahgi Vally live a stunning array of bird, orchid and plant life. Overnights RONDON RIDGE (BLD)

Day 8 Thu This morning you depart for Port Moresby on Air Niugini PX181. Upon arrival in Port Moresby, you will be met by our tours staff and transferred to your ongoing international flight. (B--)

Land Cost: US$4336.00 per person (twin share). US$5414.00 single

Land Cost

Charter Flights: US$1046.00 per person
Tues Day 2 Mount Hagen/Karawari
Mon Day 5 Karawari/Mount Hagen

Land Cost Includes: Accommodation, meals , transfers, tours and local guides

Land Rates are valid from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020


Important Note:

You are only to book and ticket the domestic Air Niugini flights together with your international flights. We will book the Air Charter flights.

Air Niugini (PX) Domestic Flights:

Thurs Day 1 PX186 Port Moresby/Mount Hagen

Thurs Day 8 PX181 Mount Hagen/Port Moresby

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Land Cost Includes:

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