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Australia mapAustralia travel - visit Australia - About Australia Australia is an exciting country full of spirit, color and contrast. A vast land of haunting beauty, natural wonders and unique wildlife. Australia is tailor-made for adventure travel. Dozens of national parks offer bushwalking, rock climbing, and abseiling to satisfy even the most energetic outdoors junkie. The tropical north is abundant with bird and wildlife in rainforest havens, the unique Kakadu National Park,our very own Great Barrier Reef, and our 'red' centre - steeped in history of the Aboriginal dreamtime with legends that tell stories of a long time past - where Ayers Rock will haunt and mystify you as you watch the spectrum of colors unfold before your eyes at daybreak. It's all here!

Airline to australiaBest time to travel to Australia. Australia is fun and welcoming all year round; What is the best time of year to go to Australia? Australia offers the best of all seasons and being 'downunder' our seasons are reversed to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Dependkng on the time of year and the locatkon, temperatures can vary greatly. November through to March is warm to hot everywhere - humid with tropical rain in the north and mild nights in the south. April through to September is beautiful in the northern and central areas - clear warm days, cool and refreshing nights. At the same time in the south, snow falls in the highlands. It's cooler but there's still plenty of our famous sun to be found in all areas.

Australia Airfare
Summer: December to February - Highest
Autumn: March to May Shoulder
Winter: June to August Lowest
Spring: September to November High

Where is the whitest sand in the world?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it's Hyams Bay NSW. Only one road leads to the village, three hours south of Sydney at Jervis Bay Marine Park.

Australia travel info: Top ten things to do in Australia: What is the most popular tourist destination in Australia?

  • Which cities to visit in Australia? Sydney: See the stunning Sydney Opera House for breathtaking views of Sydney and beyond
  • Cairns area: Explore the spectacular Great Barrier Reef by cruise ship.
  • Victoria: Drive the Great Ocean Road and see the 12 Apostles
  • Kangaroo Island: See Kangaroos, koalas and sea lions in their natural habitats on Kangaroo Island South Australia
  • Where should we go in Australia? Ayers Rock: Dine under the stars at Ayers Rock.
  • Adelaide area: Tastes of Southern Australia
  • Northern Territory: Spot saltwater crocodiles on a cruise in the Kakadu wetlands.
  • Tasmania: Take a rental car and visit quaint and enchanting villages on the beautiful isle of Tasmania.
  • Melbourne: see the fairy penguins parade

Australia travel tips: A Few Facts: Population: Approximately 18 million people live on this island continent, which is almost the`same size as mainland USA. Time Zone: Australia is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Electricity: 240 volts AC is`the standard. Outlets for 110 volts for electric razors are usually supplied in hotels.

Tipping: Australians do not depend on tips or gratuities for their income, and tips are not expected for normal service. However, tipping in appreciation of extra-special service is at the discretion of the visitor. Kayaking Australia

Australia Travel visa An ETA is equivalent to a visa, but there is no stamp or`label in your passport and there is no need for you to visit an Australian diplomatic office to submit an application. You are only eligible to apply for an ETA while you are outside of Australia. Travellers holding the following passports may now apply for an ETA through this site: Andorra Austria Belgium Brunei Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong SAR Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Portugal San Marino Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States of America Vatican City

Amazing Experiences Australia is a land full of powerful experiences just waiting to be discovered. Encounters with our incredible wildlife on land and in the water will truly open your eyes wide in astonishment. As well as adventures for adrenaline seekers there are plenty that anyone can enjoy. Whale watching - the experience of seeing these gigantic creatures rising from the ocean is unforgettable. Sightseeing trips - as well as beach or cliff top viewing areas.

Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb Sydney's Bridge Climbing Sydney's Harbour Bridge (its own reward - one of the most spectacular harbor views on the planet. Drink in the drama of sparkling sapphire water against the white sails of the Opera House below you, and breathe the crisp, clean air. In Melbourne, go to see the fairy peguins... In Tasmania, see the Port Arthur ghost tour. With its rich and evocative convict heritage, Australia is full of experiences of the ghostly kind. Historic prisons, graveyards, caves and convict ruins provide a colorful backdrop for ghost tours. Go to Western Australia... swim with dolphins Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment is a rare and exhilarating experience. Dolphins are common along our entire coastline, but Western Australia, Baird Bay and Port Phillips Bay are the place for these unforgettable encounters.

Many exciting vacation styles to choose from so there's a vacation for every budget or desire. With so many departure dates, and many of them guaranteed. Take a look; we are sure you'll find an Australian vacation or New Zealand tour with Australia Travel Master to suit you.

Independent Travellers Many travellers chose to travel independently and not with an organized group of people. However they still wish to ensure their vacation is as trouble-free as possible and for that reason they employ the services of their Australia travel agent. Let us take care of your travel to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Self Drive Australia Vacations:Self-drive gives you the freedom to discover New Zealand's, Australia's or Fiji's dramatic and ever changing scenery in your own time. Nothing beats the uplifting feeling of freedom as you roam the land, discovering new friends and spectacular beauty around every corner. Our self-drive packages include rental car and your choice of hotel or apartment accommodation. We are experienced at organising specific personalized self drive itineraries for visitors. Ask the advice of The Australian Self Drive Specialist when planning your self drive adventure to make sure you maximise your Aussie experience.

Australia Family TravelAustralia with kids, child friendly accommodations. Where else you can pet koalas and kangaroos, hobnob with platypuses or emus, snorkel amidst tropical fish, and catch glimpses of fairy penguins and Tasmanian devils? Learn to surf! The possibilities are nearly endless.

Specially Designed Itineraries:We are here to work with you to ensure your expectations are fully met by designing a special itinerary that will reflect your interests, accommodation and transport preferences, sightseeing, and other activities. Special attention is paid to any particular interest you may have, be it an adventure activity, heritage and cultural interest, exploration of our wonderful wine and cuisine regions, or any other activity or visit that uou may wish to include in your Australian vacation. Special chauffeur driven itineraries are available for 2-6 persons. Groups, too!

Australia Shore Excursions -

Escorted Australia wide tours for 8 days and more

Australia Day Tours when you want to explore from one central city base.

Small Group Australia Coach Tours in regions only: The no hassle vacation. Explore in comfort on a small group coach tour. Sit back and relax while soaking up captivating scenery and learning the innermost secrets of our cosmopolitan people and lifestyle. Our selection of escorted Australia tours provides superior comfort and service with daily departures. The modern luxury coaches have large panoramic windows, comfortable seats, air conditioning and a washroom. Hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are always included and each tour features regular photo and refreshment stops.

Day trips for all cruiselines in Sydney, Melbourne Tasmania, Great Barrier Reef, Perth, Broome, Darwin and more.

Australia Rail Journeys: Rail is a relaxing and spectacular way to experience a slice of New Zealand or Australian life. Travel at a leisurely and relaxing pace through country you'll never reach by road - over towering viaducts, vast Australian deserts, through spectacular gorges and into hidden valleys. Sample the on-board buffet car and bar services, while expert commentary gives you inside knowledge about the scenery, local heritage and lifestyle. Australian rail cars are comfortable and most have panoramic windows, central heating and air conditioning. Choose one our accommodation options to complete the perfect rail tour.

Beach Vacations:Great Barrier ReefFiji and Australia particularly, offer some of the best beach holidays you'll ever experience. Miles of unspoiled golden beaches and radiant sunsets set the background for a variety of accommodation options that vary from 'party islands' to luxurious 5 star resorts in the Whitsundays that offer an experience you'll never forget. There is just no better way to relax than on an Australia Vacation!

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